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Not sure what to do over Easter, why not hire a VW campervan?

I came across this website today and thought, WOW!
And in their words – Camperbug is a fantastic and unique travel agency.
It’s a brilliant idea, if you own a VW campervan (and are happy for strangers to use it) you advertise its rental on this website.

Campervans cost an absolute fortune, even the really rusty ones fetch […]

LaFerrari hypercars

Apparently both Gordon Ramsay and Lewis Hamilton have recently purchased a LaFerrari hypercar, becoming two of just 499 owners.

Gordan Ramsay revealed his new £1 million on Instagram, saying “I’ve gone all electric LaFerrari DONE! And “Holy Mackerel it’s fast…”

Sorry guys but when I view the pictures of the new LaFerrari hypercar all I can think of is […]

Highways England is to replace the Highways Agency from 1 April.

An announcement from DVLA states that from 1 April the Highways Agency will be replaced with Highways England a government-owned company which will deliver the largest investment in England’s major roads in a generation.

Highways England will be investing £11 billion on improvements to Englands motorways and major A roads.
Announced by the DVLA the improvements to […]

Great news! No more speeding fines, points or speed awareness courses.

REALLY?   Yes, but only if you buy the new Ford S-Max
I read an article in the Telegraph reporting that the new Ford S-Max will be able to read traffic signs and then automatically adjust the car’s speed by increasing or decreasing the throttle and reducing the flow of fuel to the engine depending on what […]

The driving test is 80 years old, is it time for an update?

Some motoring groups feel it is time to update the driving test and I do agree with them.

The RAC Foundation and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) would like to see a driving test ‘fit for the 21st century’.

This would include a ’graduated’ driving licence which would restrict when and the length of time a […]

Never thought I’d say it, but is it time to let TOP GEAR go?

I have in the past always been an ardent viewer of TOP GEAR, however the Christmas special and the current season I’ve not watched at all, I have recorded them so I might watch them one day when I have nothing better to do.

So why now, why am I not bothered about this program anymore, […]

What product you buy from Halfords says about your area.

According to a motorist survey by Halfords stores more windscreen wiper blades are sold in Plymouth than anywhere else.
The best smelling cars are found in Crawley, where most car air fresheners are sold, the most amount of pressure washers are sold in Shropshire and Irish car owners buy the most Bluetooth enable gadgets and car […]

New Council Parking rules, includes 10 minute parking grace

The government announced today that drivers will get 10 minutes grace before being fined if they stay too long in council owned car parking spaces.
This is just one of several government changes to take effect later this month, other changes include:

guidance for councils reminding them they are banned from using parking to generate profit
giving residents […]

Tyres that charge the battery as you drive.

Goodyear believe they have found a way to extend an electric car’s range.

Tyres that charge the battery as you drive on them.

Goodyear unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the concept tyres that combine thermoelectric and piezoelectric materials which generate electricity as the tyre rolls.

However, it’s not clear (hasn’t been proven) that the tyre could […]

Rusty Aston Martin DBS discovered in a Surrey barn

A rusty Aston Martin DBS that was discovered in a barn in Surrey and could fetch up to £40,000 at auction.
The Aston Martin colour Dubonnet Rosso was built in September 1972 it has the chassis number of the last ever DBS to roll off the production line and because of this it has attracted collectors […]