Monthly Archives: April 2015

Do you buy part-worn tyres? If so, WHY?

I cannot work out why part-worn tyres are allowed to be sold and why the public buy them, it’s dangerous and a false economy.

You can pay between £15-£30 for a part-worn when a brand new economy tyre can cost less than £40 (depending on the size).

Also, did you know that part-worn tyres have to comply […]

Do you know how to use a smart motorway?

A smart motorway is a motorway which uses technology to guide you.  Sorry, manage congestion.

It’s been a year since the Highways Agency launched its smart motorway schemes and the majority of drivers are still confused by how to use them.

The Highways Agency’s ‘all-lane’ motorway project, which turns the hard shoulder in to an extra lane to […]

Should you buy a “dash-cam”?

Sales of in car video equipment (dash-cams) are on the high as owners are recording evidence of crashes, scrapes and near misses with other road users.

Cycle helmet cameras have been popular for years but now drivers are getting in on the action.

Cyclist post any clashes with drivers online and this footage is often used as […]

Oh dear! Mechanic crashes Mercedes into garage wall.

I came across this article today by Garage Wire and it made me smile, the reason for my smirk is because the garage situated next door to us has a rolling road, often you hear cars being ‘taken’ to the extreme and on more than one occasion I’ve thought, hmm what if…

…. And now I […]

What did you do over Easter?

Hope you all had a good few days off over Easter, we did and apart from giving the workshop a Spring clean we attended Wheels Day on Good Friday which was held at the Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot.

We arrived later than normal (had a well-deserved lie in) and was surprised by the lack of show cars […]