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Drivers who ditch their cars given £3,000 per year

Government-funded trial will see drivers who ditch their cars given £3,000 per year to spend on public transport
Drivers will be paid up to £3,000 per year if they agree to swap their cars for public transport, under Government plans to reduce congestion and air pollution.
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Hyundai creates app to unlock vehicles with a mobile phone

Hyundai has created an app to unlock and control its vehicles with a mobile phone.

The Independent have posted an article stating that Hyundai have created a “Digital Key” which uses Near Field Communication to allow a phone and car to talk to each other when in close proximity.

After the smartphone unlocks the vehicle, the driver starts […]

Ford is expanding production of all-electric vehicles

BBC news has announced that Ford is investing about $900m (£682m) in new production capacity at a plant in Michigan, creating about 900 jobs.

Ford, the number two US carmaker, also said it would start production of autonomous vehicles in about two years.

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