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Spoilt kid sets fire to Ferrari so rich dad would buy him a new one.

The 20-year-old son of a Swiss millionaire set fire to his $245,000 Ferrari car just so he could get an upgrade.

The car was one of 15, including a Lamborghini, which the 20-year-old’s rich father had bought for him.

The son had also been given a property portfolio worth around $30 million and received around up to […]

The Hoverboard is here!!!

Lexus has teamed up with a group of scientists and over the past 18 months have created a hoverboard.

Yes, you read that right, a HOVERBOARD.

Professional skateboarder Ross McGouran piloted the Lexus hoverboard in a short film, Slide, which showcases the levitating board making its way around a purpose-built magnetic hoverpark near Barcelona.

To watch the video […]

Which Lego car is best?

Loved this article in The Telegraph, why?  Because not only do I love LEGO but who’d have thought The Telegraph would spend time and money actually working out what Lego car is the best.

Well they did!! And the results are in………….  I disagree, the best Lego car IS the 24 hour race car.  :)


Speed Champion McLaren P1 – Price: £12.99Lego […]

Supercars – Yep they’re here!!

We all know its supercar season and that means millionaires with their expensive flashy cars (and deep pockets) gravitating to the streets of London to do a little shopping and make lots of noise.

It’s one month a year and it’s good for tourism which is great, on the down side, we must find a way […]

At last, our new work wear has arrived!

Our workwear has arrived with our new logo, hope you like it as much as we do.

Is paying extra to protect your No Claims Discount really worthwhile.

The no claims discount has been around for a long while, it was a way of rewarding the safer drivers by discounting premiums on renewal, however the benefits of paying to protect your ‘no claims discount’ may not be as worthwhile as you think.

If you don’t claim in the first year of your policy you […]

Update on yesterdays post – Average increase of Classic Cars

Below is a list from yesterdays article in The Telegraph

It shows the average increase in Classic Cars between April 2014 and May 2015.

Average 4/14
Average 5/15

Fiat Dino 2000 Spider

Fiat Dino 2000 Coupe

Lamborghini Countach LP400S Coupe

Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina Berlinetta

Maserati Bora 4.7 Coupe

Lamborghini Espada II Coupe

Maserati Merak SS Coupe

Ferrari 512 BB Standard Berlinetta

Audi Quattro Sport Coupe

Lamborghini Espada […]

The price of classic cars has soared

I came across this article in The Telegraph and it reflects what we have seen over the last year.

The price of classic cars has soared by an average 8.4% in the first half of 2015, a total of 23 models analysed by the Hagerty Price Guide rose by more than 30% in six months.

Last year, […]

What a busy weekend it was for SPM

WE argued over our new investment






TO Hot Rod or Not to Hot Rod – that is the question.
I won of course – NOT TO HOT ROD

SPENT Saturday relaxing on the beach, spending some well earned time out, and yes I did get sunburnt.

THEN Sunday we attended SIMPLY VW at Beaulieu
What a great day, we took […]

All new cars will contain tracking devices

An article from the Telegraph states that from 2018 it will be compulsory that all new model cars and vans will be fitted with a black box type tracking device so that a serious crash will prompt an automatic call to the emergency centre.

Even if nobody in the vehicle is able to speak, the device […]