Vehicle manufacturers seem to think so, nearly all have looked into the design and programming of autonomous cars, so with that in mind we have no choice but to think they are.

The question is, whose future?

What is the definition of an Autonomous vehicle?
Also known as driverless, self-driving or robotic vehicles.
Autonomous vehicles are vehicles which can drive themselves without human supervision or input.
Which is different from unmanned vehicles which are controlled remotely.

We must give credit to the manufacturers as some of the concept autonomous cars that have been built so far are incredible, however some have gone a step to far with the design features.

But will our future generations think like that?

The biggest hurdle the manufacturers will face is us, the buying public especially those of us from a certain generation, those of us that didn’t grow up with technology but it’s still a huge part of our lives, we like to think we’re ‘techno savvy’ to some degree.

I’m talking about those of us who couldn’t wait to learn to drive, feel the wind in our hair (not that we’ve got much left) driving gave us freedom, freedom that nobody could take away (unless we were caught), those of us who thought electric windows were futuristic.

Would we really be able to let a computer take control and pilot the vehicle we were travelling in?

I don’t think so.

(And yet we don’t think twice about air travel)

But then I don’t believe the manufacturers of driverless vehicles are aiming them at our generation, we’ll be long gone before they’re accepted, it will be our great grandchildren’s generation.

Our great grandchildren or even great great grandchildren will know nothing other than technology, having a driverless vehicle will be so natural to them that they wouldn’t question such a thing  – that soon to be lazy, unable to think for themselves and wrapped up in cotton wool generation will welcome the idea.

As for me, I like to drive my vehicles not have them drive me.