Winter brings many dangers for motorists, one of the most threatening being black ice, it’s slippery and hard-to-spot.

Black ice forms when the ground is colder than the air, rain is instantly frozen on contact which forms clear ice, black ice is usually found at night and early morning due to the drop in temperature.

When driving on black ice you are at the mercy of your vehicle and is to be taken seriously.

You cannot see black ice, it usually looks like the ground is wet from the rain BUT when you do drive on black ice you will know it,

  • Your steering may become lighter
  • You will have no tyre noiseBlack ice
  • You may feel you are sliding, this could be in any direction

Unfortunately all of the above can happen in an instant, so when you have hit black ice,


  • Try to stay calm (easier said than done)


  • Slam on the brakes, or
  • Make any sudden movements (i.e. quickly turn the steering wheel)

There are some great ‘Experiences’ around that teach you how to react when driving in certain conditions, one we recommend is Goodwood in West Sussex.