JAGUAR LISTER XJC – prepared and ready for sandblasting

Measuring up new doors and internal braces fitted ready to be blasted.

Prep for sandblasting

JAGUAR LISTER XJC – in the beginning

One of our major projects this year is a full restoration on a Jaguar Lister XJC and what a beautiful car it once was.

We are told that in June 1999 is was featured in Jaguar World with the headline,

‘Malcolm McKay tries one of Lister Cars’ more unusual creations and finds it to be … Phenomenal!!’

scan0002scan0001Unfortunately its not so Phenomenal now.

The car was snapped up by one of our clients when a previous  restoration had been stopped and the vehicle went up for sale.


On it’s way to SPMMotorworks

It going to be a long road but restoration is well under way.

So far…… the Lister has been stripped down.

  • Gearbox taken outLister strip down 14Lister strip down 12Lister strip down 8
  • Engine removed
  • All suspension removed
  • All brake components removed
  • Fuel lines
  • Interior
  • Wiring
  • Front and rear bumpers (that was fun!)
  • Side skirtsLister strip down 15Lister strip down 9Lister strip down 18

Leaving just the shell to be bolted onto one of our custom made trolleys (for easy manouvering).

The Lister has now gone to be sand blasted and then onto to a specialist bodyshop for body and paintwork.

We’ll post updates when we have them so keep coming back.

 20190401_151327 bodywork 1.1