It’s cold, it’s frosty, time for the potholes to reveal themselves. Is it just me or do potholes appear overnight? And in the same place year after year.

So, what is a pothole? According to Wikipedia….

…. a pothole is a type of failure in an asphalt pavement, caused by the presence of water in the underlying soil structure and the presence of traffic passing over the affected area. Introduction of water to the underlying soil structure first weakens the supporting soil. Traffic then fatigues and breaks the poorly supported asphalt surface in the affected area. Continued traffic action ejects both asphalt and the underlying soil material to create a hole in the pavement.

I did start this post with thoughts of expressing the problems that potholes cause and the financial burden they carry but when starting the research I was just astonished at how many dedicated pothole websites there are and not just those that have been set up by local councils.

So I thought I’d share my three favorites’. has been set up by warranty direct, lots of info on this site, the idea that you can report a pothole and then write your very own story to vent that pent up pothole anger is appealing, you can also locate the potholes in your area, although when I checked out my own location none were reported so not sure how accurate this information is, but it does give you a step by step guide to claiming for any damaged caused to your vehicle through potholes.

Then there’s, aka Mark Morrell who describes himself as a Campaigning Crusader.

And lastly, who set up the first National Pothole Day UK – 15th January 2015 – sorry street-repairs we missed it.

Over the years we have seen the damaged caused by hitting potholes, the stress it causes and the cost implications so if you can claim then do so, there are numerous websites out there that can help.

Seriously though, do remember to report potholes to the council, we all say ‘but it’s not my job too’ yes I agree, but it does help to get them fixed a little faster.