Welcome to SPM Motorworks with our new logo and fabulous new website.

SPM has been trading for over 18 years so we thought it was about time to change a few things, mainly our logo.  Our previous logo was based on Steve’s 34 Ford hot rod, it has been a wrench for him to let this logo go, however it’s time to move on.

You’ll also notice that we’ve completely changed the website, we wanted to make it more interactive, we want to be able to let you our valued customers and potential customers know what’s going on at SPM.

We’ll be able to bring you the latest car news, update you on what shows we are attending and let you know what we thought about them, we’ll also be able to keep you up to date on what our latest offers are and if you’re interested on our current and completed projects.

Our gallery will also hold pictures of any interesting cars we’ve had through the workshop (we do get quite a few).

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.