I found this article and it really, really infuriated me.  The price of a car repair has absolutely nothing to do with whether your male or female, if it does then you’re at the wrong garage.

The article published by Auto Express does nothing for our industry, all it does is scare women into believing they cannot trust garages or mechanics.

It states that after surveying 182 garages around the UK women were charged on average £45 more than men.    REALLY!!!

What this article doesn’t say is whether or not they went to the same garage twice – i.e. once with a male owner and again with a female owner.

The reason I mention this is because you can have two or even three garages next door to each other and depending on who the garage suppliers are, whether they use genuine or aftermarket parts and what their overheads are etc you will get a different quote for the exact same repair.


Also in this article it stated that ‘The study also revealed that both sexes were quoted prices £80 above what the industry and trade body standards recommend’.

Now, as a garage we have a guide, we use ‘AUTODATA’ it provides amongst other things a ‘book’ time for repairs, this is the time that the manufacturer states it should take you to make that repair, garages only use this as a guide because experience steps in, i.e. older cars may have seized bolts etc.

Also the cost of the parts varies from supplier to supplier so how can they say £80 above the industry standard.

Lastly, if this article is factual, then I wonder what type of garages they went to, probably the ones you see on Rogue Traders.

Moan over!!!

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